Monday, August 25, 2014

Google Play Store Refund Apps Window now Reportedly Extended To 2 Hours

Let’s say you’ve downloaded an app and you realize that you don’t like it for whatever reason – maybe it did not deliver on its promise or maybe you realized that it wasn’t a very smart purchase. With Google, Android users normally get a 15 minute window in which they are able to ask for a refund, however according to Android Police, it seems that Google might have extended that refund window to 2 hours. We have to admit that 2 hours does sound a lot better since you get to try an app for a longer time, as opposed to 15 minutes where you might not be able to fully appreciate the app in such a short time frame. Android Police tested out their findings by purchasing an app and then finding out that the option to refund the app was still available after 16 minutes. However once it had crossed the 2 hour mark, the refund button was gone. However Google has not mentioned the 2 hour window in its Play Store support page, suggesting that they have not yet updated the page or if the