Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Myths Related To Seo On WordPress.Com

If you are a diligent blogger striving hard to make a place in web blogging, naturally you will want to achieve SEO on If your blog has achieved Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it means that sophisticated search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN will link your blog to a keyword when someone searches it on internet and will display it among the top 10 results. For e.g. your latest blog is on patriotism. Now if your blog has achieved SEO, it will be displayed among the top 10 results whenever anyone makes a search for the word patriotism . And thus your blog will be visited by users more frequently. To achieve SEO, you need to increase your site s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). You can accomplish this by: Frequently updating your account and by publishing new and interesting content promoting your blog in a way that it reaches your target audience. People looking for information on a particular topic which your blog covers. There are a number of ways and methods to in