Sunday, August 31, 2014

iOS 8 vs iOS 7: Which One to Choose and Why?

It s been a year since Apple introduced iOS7 to the world by calling it as a “stunning new user interface”. Since that the world started thinking it as one of the biggest updates in the realm of mobile operating systems. Indeed, its simple, beautiful design, feel instantly familiar, which creates a useful and enjoyable experience to its users. While iOS7 bought a huge change in the asetheticity of iOS, it was more or less a rehashed version of the previous installments, with just a few added features. On the other hand, iOS8 emerges as an important and massive overhaul in the way Apple released its previous OS versions. Apples s next release iOS8 has come up with many new features and upgradations that users will certainly appreciate. To give a better idea of both of the operating systems, we are presenting you a comparison review of iOS7 and iOS8 to help Apple fans to decide which one they would like to have or whether they should upgrade their device to the new OS version. 1) iO