Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Swatch Smartwatches to Challenge Apple’s iWatch and Android Wear in 2015 – Reports

Swiss watch makers Swatch Group will add some fitness features to its watch line-up from 2015 as it seeks to stave off growing competition from smartwatches. As Apple prepares to launch its first smartwatch later this year likely to be called the iWatch of iBand traditional watch makers are looking on anxiously to see if or when the smartwatch market will take explode. Swatch Group, which is the world s biggest watchmaker, features a wide range of well-known brand from Omega, Longines and Breguet at the high-end to Tissot, Flik Flak and Swatch at the mid-to-low end of the market. Swatch Group s CEO Nick Hayek has previously dismissed smartwatches as inelegant and lacking in features, but in the face of much falling share prices has evidently changed his opinion. Swatch has revealed that it will add some fitness features to its Touch range of watches from next year. The Wall Street Journal