Friday, September 26, 2014

Amazing Tips to Speed up your Slow Mac

Over the years, the Macs have built the formidable reputation that they never slow down and run forever, never crash. However, the fact is that Macs also slow down and they also crash. However, they crash differently. Virus attacks also happen to Mac. Free solutions are not better solution for this problem. Upgrading system hardware and adding RAM are always better options. There can be some tips in in order to speed up Mac. These are discussed below: Deletion of all Unused Programs Uninstallation of the app on the Mac and the dragging off the files from the application folder are not similar to the same extent. The support files of the application remain on the system and we need the services of the Utility called AppCleaner, which helps to locate these files and then eventually remove them. Removal of the Startup Items The programmers are always prioritizing the programs over any of the apps. Therefore, a brilliant idea will be to add the piece of code to the startup items. If there