Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: Specs, Features and Release Date Leaked

Previously spotted on a Vietnamese retailer’s website, the Samsung Galaxy Prime is now being revealed once more. Even though an official press release from Samsung is still highly expected, the Galaxy Grand Prime is ready for its debut. Of course, the official launch will be in Vietnam, though other markets will soon embrace this new KitKat powered smartphone. Bottom line, we now know almost everything about this phone, so during the following lines you will be able to check its specs and features along with other additional info. The first thing to mention, is that Samsung is trying to come with something new once the A series of handsets will be released. Thus, the Galaxy Grand Prime will feature a 5 MP front facing camera, which makes this device something like a dedicated “selfie” smartphone – Sony and HTC already announced similar devices. Other specs are including only mid range performances, though a budget friendly offer is being expected for the Prime. In Vietnam the